Having A Boy Best Friend

Having a male best friend is fantastic, but it can’t half be difficult sometimes.

You’re both very pleased being in the ‘friend zone’, and you’re fed up of having to explain that you are not in a relationship, and you will never be in a relationship. The ‘friend zone’ is nice. The ‘friend zone’ is place to be. You may have that agreement that if you’re both still single at forty then you’ll get married, but your entire relationship is completely platonic.

‘You look fab!’ ‘Babe, you look stunning in that!’ ‘Those shoes take inches off your thighs!’ Do not expect this from your male best friend. They just don’t give a shit. In fact, paying one another any compliments is very strange and results in some time apart to think about what you’ve done.

I’m not saying that girls don’t have a sense of humour, but as someone who has grown up as ‘one of the lads’, I can vouch for the fact that I appreciate banter from my male friends much more than my female friends. When it comes to risque jokes, your male best friend is your partner in crime.

When they start dating someone, he will have to spend so much of his time explaining to them that you and him are just friends, and nothing more. To prove that you’re not a sexual threat, you’ll even have to go to some lengths to reach out to them. He also has to size up any of your romantic partners to make sure that they’re worthy of you.

You can be as savage with him as you want. You don’t have to tip toe around his feelings. And the same goes for him. He’ll be real with you at all times. Besides, he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the male psyche which can come in pretty handy. Are you a being used for sex? He’ll know, and he’ll be brutal, but it’s for the best.

He may be your best friend, but that doesn’t mean that he wants to hear about your uterus and the gory details of your sex life. Just like you probably don’t fancy listening to him talking about his penis and smelling the stale odour of farts. Despite all of this, though, he is your honest critic, your biggest fan and your protector.


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