EU Ref Aftermath

Well, the UK has voted to leave the EU.

This is the single biggest mistake that this country has made in my (almost) 19 years on this earth. And, you know what? It has made this decision with its heart, not its head. 

It’s going to be proper sound as we see human rights and workers rights destroyed with EU safeguarding of those things removed. That’s without even getting started on the economic repercussions we’re already feeling that are only going to get worse over time, as well as the impact that new trade agreements will have.

To those who used the referendum as their chance to ‘teach Westminster a lesson’: well bloody done. You’ve wreaked long lasting damage onto our country. But at least you taught big Davey C who’s boss, right?

Oh, and those of you who put your focus on ‘stopping them bloody immigrants’ from non-EU countries, we already control immigration from non-EU countries you bloody fools. 

This referendum on the EU was about membership, but it became so much more than that. People have used it to rebel against a Tory government that they don’t think have a real mandate; to rebel against austerity; to rebel against lack of investment in the NHS. Very few were concerned with pros and cons of our membership. 

David Cameron, your gamble with the future of our country has failed. You may have placated the Tories for a while, but the country is now more divided than ever. 

Yes, this is democracy. This is the beauty of representative democracy: the people have a say. It’s wrong to call all Leave voters racist, xenophobic bigots. We now have to find a way to unite the country and work together. However, I do worry for the future of this country and agree that the grey vote for the Leave campaign really do ‘hate foreigners more than they love their grandchildren’. 


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