Home Away From Home

It’s that time of year again when students are packing up to either start their new adventure at university, or continue their perilous journey of student life. I thought I could share a few things that I’ve found handy in my first year in making my university room a home away from home:

  1. Photos and photo frames. You might be super excited to leave home and start your new adventure away from home, but the truth it that you will miss your loved ones for the ten weeks you’re away. Photos not only act as decor, but also make your room feel homely and give you nice little reminders about who’s waiting for you back home.
  2. Posters/keepsakes. It’s always nice to have things you like on your pin board. It makes your room less depressing and will help to cheer you up at times. I had a lot of Clinton photos (both Bill and Hills), and also a poster that reads “if britney survived 2007, you can survive today”. Sometimes it’s the little things that make living away from home that bit easier. 
  3. Fairy lights. Whether they’re draped over a mirror, your bed, your shelves or pinned on your pin board, they will make your room extra cosy. 
  4. Speakers. While you don’t want to have them too loud to avoid your flatmates hating you, these can be great for flat parties, pre-drinks and little get togethers. 
  5. Stationary. Now you don’t want to splurge lots of money on expensive stationary – get your pads, ring binders, pens etc from shops like poundland or home and bargain to keep your stationary budget minimal. Things like list making pads, however, are special and you should treat yourself to one from paper chase or a store like that. If you’re like me, you’ll love making lists and putting a big fat cross through something on that list to make you feel as though you’ve accomplished something. Also, they’re pretty. 
  6. Blankets. Blankets are SO important. Maybe I’m biased because I’m just permanently cold and want to be cosy 24/7, but having blankets is so handy. I have a cute Tatty Teddy blanket on hand at all times (even when I go to the library) – yes, I’m sad. So what?) 
  7. Cushions. Fluffy cushions are also VERY important, simply because they’re cosy and look nice. They might also help take your mind off how many people have had sex on your bed while you use it only to sleep and watch Netflix. 

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