Uni Exam Tips

So, I sat my first university exams this week. If you’re wondering why I’m doing them in September rather than back in June when everyone else did them, just ask the fire door that trapped and broke my hand. (Yes, ouch). Anyway, I thought I could share some words of wisdom with those of you who have your first university exams ahead of you:

  1. Give yourself enough time to study! I’ve been working over summer so haven’t really had enough time, but those of you who’ll be at uni can focus. While cramming can sometimes be useful for assignments, I definitely don’t recommend  cramming for these – try your best to not leave revision until the last minute! 
  2. Organise your study space. Make sure that wherever you’re studying is as clear as possible. Get rid of any distractions you may have and make sure you’re comfortable. Remember, good lighting isn’t just for selfies. 
  3. Look at past papers. Yes, this can be dull but there’s no better way to prepare yourself for what your exam will be like. Familiarise yourself with the layout of the exam paper and how your professors word the questions. Also, you may be able to spot trends and guess which topics may come up. 
  4. Stay hydrated! While my poison of choice is anything caffeinated, you may choose to drink gallons of water. 
  5. Talk through what you’re reading about. Whether it’s to a friend, relative or to yourself, talking out loud can be very helpful. 
  6. Get to it when your brain is most active. For some, this is the morning. For some, this is the  evening. People will drone on about how the morning is best to revise blah blah but everyone is different. Do what works for you!
  7. Spice up your notes. Highlighters, coloured post it notes, coloured gel pens – anything that might make your notes look a bit funky might make all the difference when it comes to remembering something in an exam. 
  8. Reward yourself. You’ll hear people talking about exercising and eating healthily during exams. No!! Give yourself that bit of extra motivation. Put a piece of cake in front of you.  Put a packet of biscuits in front of you. It’ll encourage you to revise so that you can fulfil your daily sugar quota. 
  9. Leave time to walk to your exam. Rather than cramming right up until you go into the exam hall, it’s best to stop revising about half an hour before your exam and start walking towards the hall. It gives you time to reflect on what you’ve been revising. 
  10. Get in there, try your best and kick ass. 

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