Best Friends Are Better Than Boyfriends

You meet a lad, you start dating, you get together and suddenly you and Mr Perfect spend every waking moment together. Your friends end up on the back burner as you end up unknowingly sacrificing your friendships for your relationship. Eighteen months later, you haven’t seen any of your friends in weeks, maybe months, when you and Mr Perfect go your separate ways you’re left on your own eating cold pizza, smoking 30 a day and drinking 2 bottles of wine as a ‘wind down’ like something straight out of Bridget Jones. Then comes the dreaded ‘please forgive me for being a terrible friend’ speech. We’ve all been there.

Sure, boyfriends can be great. Who doesn’t love a cuddle, right? But, no matter what, your best friend will always just ‘get’ you in a way that your boyfriend won’t. I’ve learned it the hard way, but over time I’ve come to realise that you don’t need a lad to validate you; all you need is your best friends.

They’re going to be there alongside you ordering the entire menu at McDonalds after a messy night out, rather than a boyfriend who would judge you for saying that a 20 box of chicken nuggets isn’t a share box.

They’re going to be the ones holding your hair back when you’ve had too many tequila shots in a post break-up ‘I don’t need no man’ night out.

They’re going to be the ones to make sure you’re ok and they are the people who you don’t need to validate your feelings to. Whereas boyfriends will conclude that they’re dating a psychopath and will proceed to telling everyone how crazy you are once you’ve broken up.

They’re the ones who are going to be there for you throughout your whole life, the good times and the bad times. They will be there to celebrate with you, and to cheer you up when things go wrong.

These are the people you can share your dirty dreams with, about that weird looking lad you remember from school who you had a weird crush on for no reason.

They’re the ones who you can obsess over TV shows with. Your boyfriend doesn’t want to talk about how much of a cow Jenny Humphrey is in Gossip Girl, or how you now only watch Pretty Little Liars out of dedication but you just can’t stop loving Ezria and Haleb, and you’re sickened by Spaleb.

Boyfriends can come and go, but your gal pals are for life. Cherish ’em.



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