British Thoughts on an American Election 

A race between a highly qualified, well respected woman and a reality television star with orange skin and a toupee; or, in other words, the 2016 presidential election. 

In Britain, we have become accustomed to American politics being – or perhaps aspiring to be – a theatre of greatly qualified statesmen/women debating high ideals along their special path laid out by the Founding Fathers to stand as the bastion of western democracy. American elections are glossy, they are grand, and they are stage-managed. 

When Obama was on the campaign trail, he promised change and invoked hope in generations of Americans; hope for a fairer society. Now, we are exposed to a seemingly never ending tsunami of tumultuous scandals concerning groping, sexual assault, and emails amidst other topics. And the best part of this is that the Clinton emails are worthless. But, sure. Let’s rebel against Hillary for a few apparently dodgy emails by voting for a racist, destructive mysoginist. Nice one, America. 

This election is not something to laugh about. Memes and dubbed videos are not going to make this calamity any easier to get through. You might doubt that Trump could ever realistically become president. Well, you may have also doubted that we would choose to leave the EU. The populism that was prevalent in the public’s choice to leave the EU was spurred on by nationalist spin, just as populism is likely to have a mass effect on this American election. 

I guess we’ll see on November 8th. 


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