My Boyfriend Is My Best Friend And That’s All Right

There will be a lot of people who will roll their eyes at a couple spending a lot of time together. But I don’t think it’s so bad. My boyfriend and I were initially friends, and have been together for almost three years now; and we still haven’t grown sick and tired of one another.

14341611_1259075354123641_1219643719_nIt’s not just about going out for meals, and Netflix and chilling. It’s much deeper than that. It’s about feeling more whole in their presence; it’s about a unique connection. They should be there for everything, from being a shoulder to cry on when things go awry to celebrating your every achievement. That’s what mine does. And that’s also what best friends do. So, yes, it is all right for your boyfriend to be your best friend.

Whether it’s a godawful Buzzfeed quiz about what kind of cloud you are, a Joe Biden/Obama meme, or a 9/11 conspiracy theory article at three in the morning, your boyfriend is the first person to receive it. Even when you find yourself sending him ten stupid Internet findings in the middle of the night, it’s fine because he always wants to be bothered by you.

Even when you know you’re looking your absolute worst with your hair pulled back, the same pair of pyjamas on for the third day in a row sans makeup, you know you’re not being judged. He’s happy to see you in your natural state eating an entire Dominos meteor pizza to yourself.

When you decide to treat yourselves and have a date night, it doesn’t feel weird going dutch. You’re so close that it doesn’t matter who pays for what – what’s yours is his and what’s his is yours. The same goes for his hoodies being yours. They’re all yours. All of them. Yours.

As menial as your day-to-day tasks might be, it’s always riveting to your boyfriend when it’s coming from you. He feels inspired just knowing that you gave that snotty customer a dirty look as she left the shop.

Sometimes it can feel as though you and your boyfriend are in your own special bubble when you basically have your own language with the scope of inside jokes you share. It’s ok to act stupid together. In fact, it’s the silly moments that make it that much better. Even when he farts in your face. And when you poo while he showers. Nothing is off limits. He’s your best friend.

It’s easy to get mad at him because he’s the most annoying person alive, but it’s also that easy to calm down and get over it because he matters more to you than whatever it is you’re arguing about.

At the end of the day, you love each other and don’t want to be without one another. Lovers and best friends.


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