Thank You, Hillary Clinton

After a shock defeat last night, I have only one thing to say to Hillary Clinton: thank you.

Thank you, Hillary, for endlessly and fearlessly fighting for women’s and minority rights.

Thank you, Hillary, for being a great candidate.

Thank you, Hillary,  for being someone that we can believe in.

Thank you, Hillary, for showing us a brighter tomorrow.

Thank you, Hillary, for never backing down and always making your voice heard.

Thank you, Hillary, for proving that a woman can become the President of the United States.

Thank you, Hillary, for showing little girls that they can grow up to be whoever or whatever they want.

Thank you, Hillary, for inspiring so many young women/girls to follow in your footsteps.

Thank you, Hillary, for never letting us feel as though we are inferior to men.

Thank you, Hillary, for putting so many more cracks in the glass ceiling.

Thank you, Hillary, for giving us hope.

Thank you, Hillary, for inspiring me.

Thank you, Hillary, for being my hero.

Best Friends Are Better Than Boyfriends

You meet a lad, you start dating, you get together and suddenly you and Mr Perfect spend every waking moment together. Your friends end up on the back burner as you end up unknowingly sacrificing your friendships for your relationship. Eighteen months later, you haven’t seen any of your friends in weeks, maybe months, when you and Mr Perfect go your separate ways you’re left on your own eating cold pizza, smoking 30 a day and drinking 2 bottles of wine as a ‘wind down’ like something straight out of Bridget Jones. Then comes the dreaded ‘please forgive me for being a terrible friend’ speech. We’ve all been there.

Sure, boyfriends can be great. Who doesn’t love a cuddle, right? But, no matter what, your best friend will always just ‘get’ you in a way that your boyfriend won’t. I’ve learned it the hard way, but over time I’ve come to realise that you don’t need a lad to validate you; all you need is your best friends.

They’re going to be there alongside you ordering the entire menu at McDonalds after a messy night out, rather than a boyfriend who would judge you for saying that a 20 box of chicken nuggets isn’t a share box.

They’re going to be the ones holding your hair back when you’ve had too many tequila shots in a post break-up ‘I don’t need no man’ night out.

They’re going to be the ones to make sure you’re ok and they are the people who you don’t need to validate your feelings to. Whereas boyfriends will conclude that they’re dating a psychopath and will proceed to telling everyone how crazy you are once you’ve broken up.

They’re the ones who are going to be there for you throughout your whole life, the good times and the bad times. They will be there to celebrate with you, and to cheer you up when things go wrong.

These are the people you can share your dirty dreams with, about that weird looking lad you remember from school who you had a weird crush on for no reason.

They’re the ones who you can obsess over TV shows with. Your boyfriend doesn’t want to talk about how much of a cow Jenny Humphrey is in Gossip Girl, or how you now only watch Pretty Little Liars out of dedication but you just can’t stop loving Ezria and Haleb, and you’re sickened by Spaleb.

Boyfriends can come and go, but your gal pals are for life. Cherish ’em.


Curves Are Boss.


I’ve always struggled with my weight. I’ve never been one of those girls who can eat endless amounts of pasta, chocolate and cake. I’ve done endless diet and exercise regimes. I even went through a phase of wearing all black to try and make it seem as though I’d shaved an inch or two. But now I’m at a point in my life where I can say, “you know what? Curves are boss. And so is my body.” It’s not easy. So many women despise their bodies, relying on social media and various media outlets like magazines to decide what their body should look like. It’s time to step away from Instagram and look in the mirror. It’s time to love those curves, ladies. 


That’s me – the curvy bitch with the curled hair.



***DISCLAIMER***: This is not a post about skinny-shaming; this is a post encouraging women to love their curves.

Let me start by saying that curvy is not synonymous with fat. HAVING CURVES DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT. Although, sometimes your curves can hide that bastard Christmas weight, which comes in quite handy.   Girls, the size of your arse doesn’t matter. Neither does the flatness of your stomach. Or the width of your thighs when you sit down. Stop fighting your body. Stop fighting the way you look. Embrace the curves that another woman wishes she had.

“Body confidence doesn’t come from trying to achieve the ‘perfect’ body. It comes from embracing the one you’ve already got!” – Unknown

Kate Winslet. Real life goddess.

Believe me, I know that it’s easier said than done when it comes to embracing those curves, but that’s where I come in. I’m here to waffle and hopefully help you to realise that your curves are boss.

Firstly, don’t do yourself the disservice of wearing clothes that don’t fit. By that, I mean don’t go out and buy a size 20 if you’re a size 16. I used to buy XXL t-shirts despite being an M, just because they’re super comfortable. You’ll never get to admire your curves if you can’t see them. Wear something that hugs your figure and look at the shape of your body. Isn’t it amazing how your waist is so tiny, but you still get a boss set of twins on your chest? Incredible, right?

Similarly, get to know your body and accentuate the part you like most. You like your legs? Get your legs out. You like your stomach? Show off your mid-rift. You like your boobs? Nothing wrong with a bit of cleavage. Stop hating and hiding your body. Start loving and showing it. Discover your body. Discover every nook and cranny. Then teach yourself to love them.

“I didn’t discover curves; I only uncovered them”. – Mae West

A friend of mine once told me that you can feel sexy if you have a bit of a sexy secret. Maybe wear some lacy underwear underneath your everyday clothes. Alternatively, you could pay a cheeky visit to Ann Summers. *insert cheeky, smirky emoji*

Seriously though, how boss does your arse look in a good pair of jeans? How boss do your boobs look in a fit, lacy bra? How boss do your legs look in that skirt and pair of wedges? How boss do your hips and waist look in that dress that hangs off your waist ever so nicely? BE YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER!


“I’m dead sound, me.” – Me, 6 years old.

Sometimes you’ve just got to look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re beautiful. Soon enough, you’ll start to believe yourself. The most beautiful thing a woman can have is confidence. Tell yourself how boss your curves are. Tell yourself how great your boobs are. Tell yourself how juicy your arse is. Smile and love that body, girl. You only get one; it’s time to stop hating it.

Remember that girl in secondary school who called you a ‘heffer’? Remember that lad at the beach who shouted over and called you a ‘beached whale’? Ignore them. Forget them. Treat those nasty, unnecessary comments as if they’re unwanted dick pics from that creepy lad who super-liked you on Tinder. The only person’s opinion of your body that matters is your own.

This is for one of the mums who told me I was a ‘chubby ballerina’ in my leotard when I was 7 years old and caused me to quit dancing and swimming. This is for the girls who viciously bullied me in secondary school for being a ‘fatty’. This is for my ex-boyfriend who told me I was too fat for him. But, most of all, this is for me. And for all of the other girls out there who are made to hate their bodies because it’s not ‘the norm.’ You are beautiful. And your body is BOSS. Never forget that, and never let anyone tell you different.


Being a Strong Independent Woman

To me, being a strong, independent woman means that you’re able to find happiness on your own. Now, listen up, ladies: you do not need to learn how to fit in to a certain mold. What you need to learn is how to embrace the woman you are and who you want to become. Here’s my guide to becoming the woman everyone aspires to be:

Put yourself first.

When you notice yourself needing something, give yourself what you need. If you need some attention, have a day of pampering yourself. Whether that’s a day of binging your favourite Netflix show with your favourite foods, or having your hair, eyebrows and nails done. If you need some intimacy, take some time to read, write, or go on an adventure to a nearby woods. If you need some affection, stand in front of the mirror and think about what you love about yourself. You could even take yourself to the cinema or to a restaurant. There’s no shame in treating yourself and having some you time.

Don’t give into fear.

If you’re like me, then you’re a perfectionist. You like to make sure you’re going to succeed before you try. You like to make a list of prod and cons to balance the risk, just in case. Does this sound like you. Well, STOP! We should go after the things that we fear. We should never be afraid to try something and fail. Besides, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? So whatever, you’re putting off, JUST DO IT! Listen to Shia, ladies.

Don’t compare yourself to other women.

You have a female role model? That’s great. But don’t allow yourself to be sucked into the never-ending evil vortex of comparing yourself to them. There’s no reason why you can’t be just as great as them, or even better. But you should be your own inspiration. You are you. No-one else can be you. You are unique and that’s what makes you so great. Believe in yourself and what you’re doing. Keep on doing you, bird.

Don’t crumble over criticism.

Being resilient is key to being a strong, independent woman. When I first started Sixth Form, I was told that I wouldn’t achieve any higher than CCC. I left Sixth Form with A*AA and I’m now at one of the best universities in the country. Never let anyone put you down and make you feel worth less than you are. Believe in yourself. Believe in what you do. Again, just keep on doing you and never let anyone hold you back.

Stand up for yourself.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’re going to have to learn to fend for yourself in the real world if you want to avoid being taken advantage of. You have to learn how to assert yourself, whether it be at school, work or in your social life. And remember to never apologise for asserting yourself. If you feel ignore by someone, tell them. If you feel that someone has disrespected you, tell them. Stop accommodating other people before yourself. People might call you a ‘bitch’, but guess what? Bitches get stuff done.

Don’t be afraid to look for help.

Being a strong, independent woman doesn’t necessarily mean exclusively relying on yourself. You should surround yourself with great friends and family who can ease your challenges in everyday life. Behind every strong, independent woman is a group chat or group phone call. Every Lesley Knope should have their very own Ann Perkins.

Take charge of your sexuality.

Be comfortable with your body. It can be difficult to be comfortable with how you look, but focus on something that you like. Focus less on what your body looks like, and more on what it can do, and if someone is critical, take their opinion with a pinch of salt. What matters is you loving you.

Don’t lose your passion.

Being passionate about your goals and the woman you want to be will make others believe in you too. Your passion is your drive. Study want you want to study. Follow the vocation that you want. Don’t be influenced by societal norms. Similarly, embrace your own style. Dress how you want to dress. You want to wear booty shorts? Good for you! You want to wear a huge woolly jumper? Good for you! BE YOU.

Support other women.

Women should uplift and empower each other. We shouldn’t be going round calling each other bitches and putting one another down. Love your fellow women and teach them how to be independent too.

Don’t lose yourself.

Never lose sight of yourself and who you are. Remember that, contrary to popular belief, it is possible to be a strong, independent woman both when you’re single and married. You just need to remember to  never lose your passions, your goals, your compassion and your womanhood. Never stop loving yourself.

I’ll leave you ladies with this from my fave film.

Hillary Clinton


I love Hillary Clinton. There, I said it. I love Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton and I’m not afraid to show it. Cataloguing everything Hillary has accomplished in her – almost – 69 years on this earth is too big a task for a Merseyside bird like me. So instead I’ll give you a list of all the reasons I think she’s one of the soundest women to ever grace this planet. THIS ONE’S FOR YOU HIL BABE.

First, let’s just address the issue of her rocking those bold pant suits. You go Hillz, you go.

hillary clinton

Now, down to business.

She was the first student ‘commencement speaker‘ at her university when her class graduated way back in 1969. Upon graduating, ‘she worked her way across Alaska, washing dishes in Mount McKinley National Park and sliming salmon in a fish processing cannery in Valdez (which fired her and shut down overnight when she complained about unhealthy conditions).’

This to me shows not only how she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty, but also how she’s always cared about social issues and about other people. Something further proven by her organisation of a program IN HER TEENS to provide babysitting for migrant workers’ children.

God, I love her.

Maybe I love this next point so much because I LOVE THE CLINTONS UNCONDITIONALLY AND WISH I COULD BE ONE, but… she made the first move with Bill. She told ABC news the following: “He was looking at me, and I was looking at him. And I finally thought this was ridiculous, because every time I saw him on campus I just couldn’t take my eyes off of him, and he was always watching me. So I put my books down, I walked out, and I said, ‘You know, if you’re going to keep looking at me, and I’m going to keep looking back, we should know each other. I’m Hillary Rodham.’”

She’s so cool.

On the other end of this, we of course have the Lewinsky scandal. Which she rode out with grace and dignity. You can sit there all day and tell me that standing by her man makes her a hypocrite for whatever reasoning you’ve got, but I truly believe that that is the sort of tenacity that makes her great.

bill and hill

She was an amazing First Lady of both Arkansas and the United State. During Bill’s tenure as Governor of Arkansas she co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, chaired the Arkansas Educational Standards Committee and served on the boards of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Legal Services and the Children’s Defense Fund.

I hear you asking ‘could she be any cooler?’ Yes, actually, because she believed in America having universal healthcare like 20 years before it was cool. Oh, by the way, a few years ago she was pictured having some top quality bants in Colombia. And as if she wasn’t cool enough, she also won a Grammy in 1997. YES, A GRAMMY. She won it for Best Spoken Word Album  for the audio version of “It Takes A Village”

hillary clinton

One of the main reasons I love Hillary, and why I have a framed photo of her on my desk,   is her incredible championing of women. From a young age, she aspired beyond the restraints of gender roles and has been resilient ever since. In fact, when she was just a little girl, she wrote to NASA to inquire into how she could go about becoming an astronaut. I read about this somewhere, and it turns out that they responded saying that they didn’t allow women on their programme. Perhaps this is where the Hillary Clinton we know and love today was born.

Did you know that she’s the 2nd most powerful woman and 16th most powerful person in the world (according to Forbes), and she was inducted into the National Women’s Hall Of Fame in 2005?

Did you know that she was the first woman elected to the Senate representing New York and also the first former First Lady to hold elected office?

Did you know that  in 2008 when she first ran for the presidency she was the first woman to win a presidential primary?

Did you know that she was the only woman on the Nixon impeachment legal team AND she was the first female partner at her law firm in Arkansas from 1977 to 1993?

Did you know that she has been Gallup’s most admired woman in America sixteen times? SIXTEEN TIMES.

hillary clinton


When at Yale Law School, she was one of 27 women in a class of 235. And do you know what her reasoning behind choosing Yale over Harvard was? She was at a cocktail party at Harvard…

“One of my friends said, ‘Professor So-and-So, this is Hillary Rodham, she’s trying to decide between us and our nearest competitor,’” Mrs. Clinton said. “And he looked down at me and he said, ‘Well, first, we don’t have a nearest competitor. And secondly, we don’t need any more women.”

Hillary (yes, we’re on a first name basis) understands just how prejudiced society is towards women – even in this day and age. She has fought tooth and nail to get where she is today and by God, that woman deserves it. She is not afraid to stand up for women and for what is right. She even calls out reporters for asking sexist questions; when one reporter asked her about her choice in fashion designers, she responded with the question “would you ever ask a man that question?”

hillary clinton



The thing you have to love about Hillary – regardless of politics – is her unwillingness to sit on the sidelines. As First Lady she wasn’t afraid to participate in politics, with the proposal of her health plan. She kept working while her husband was the governor of Arkansas (she knows her business stuff too, might I add, with a six year tenure as a director of Wal-Mart). And when her First Lady days were over, she ran for the Senate… AND WON.

On top this this, she is resilient. Nothing keeps her down. She might have lost her bid for the Democratic nomination in 2008, but she still became Secretary of State, and is now running for the nomination and presidency again. She may well be the first woman President of the United States.

Ultimately, Hillary Clinton is one of my heroes. Not only does she make America a better place, she makes the world a better place – especially for women. She has made waves all over the world, but especially here in the UK with me. Hillary, thank you for inspiring me.